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Hyacinths for Spring

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Forcing hyacinth bulbs is one of the easiest ways to start spring off with a flush of color! It just takes a little planning. If you’re hoping to force hyacinth indoors, you will need to chill them for 8-12 weeks. Essentially, you are replicating a winter nap for the bulbs. A protected place for the bulbs to sleep is needed and our unheated garage provides the perfect area during our cold Montana winters. During the chilling period, I place the bulbs in a crate nestled into of a bit of soil and place the crate in a dark spot for three months. This is typically done in November. (I snuck out to the garage and planted these bulbs over the Thanksgiving holiday while everyone was watching football.)

After the required 3 months of chilling, hyacinth bulbs can be planted in almost any jar or vessel. Or potting soil, pebbles & water, or just water! You can use forcing jars or another type of vessel or pot. Some folks leave the bulbs in a paper sack in the refrigerator until ready to pot up. I usually just leave the hyacinths in the crate that they slept in all winter. I bring the crate into the sunshine and warmth of the house and water well.

It takes a little bit of time for the bulbs to wake up. But as they start to bloom, I gently pull the blooming bulbs out of the crates and plant them in clay pots or wooden bowls for a lovely display. With a little planning and patience, these sweet hyacinth bulbs will fill your home with color and a luscious fragrance that screams spring!

Trying your hand a forcing hyacinth bulbs in the house is so easy!

Post your questions in the comment section or if you'd like, post your own experience with forcing bulbs in the comment section as well! Yay Spring!!!

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