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Our Commitment to the Land

At Mountain Prairie Flower Farm, we are committed to growing flowers using sustainable and organic practices without the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. Our flowers never have chemicals of any kind sprayed on them. We believe that healthy soil grows the best, most beautiful flowers. We are dedicated to using biodynamic principles to encourage diversity, using organically grown seeds and to focus on the health and biology of our soil by transitioning to a no-till style of farming. 

Our Commitment to You

When you take a bouquet of our flowers home with you, you can be confident that our blooms are not transporting toxic chemical residues from pesticides or harsh fertilizers into your home or in vases placed onto the tables where you eat. We practice organic growing principles so go ahead and plunge your face into those lovely Mountain Prairie Flowers! Your flowers have been cut and arranged here in our field workshop and have been conditioned using just water- no bleach or preservatives.  Because of the freshness of our flowers, you can expect at least five days of vase life and often longer! (Be sure to check out our at-home care guide for tips and advice on how to care for your blooms at home.) 

Flowers bring joy and create instant delight and happiness. 

Watch what happens when the Society of American Florists took to the streets to see how people react to getting flowers from a stranger.

Our Commitment

Flower Bouquets

Flowers are magical! Flowers bring joy to our faces and light to our lives. Flowers have the unique ability to improve our health and well-being. Their presence can increase productivity, reduce stress and promote a sense of peace. Imagine walking in a field of your favorite flower. Or burying your face in its petals. The only thing better than growing flowers is sharing them.

Check out our photo gallery below for a sample of the flowers we grow at Mountain Prairie Flower Farm. Then head on over to the Shopping page to to place your order.

Where to find our flowers: 

Scroll through our flower gallery to see the goodies.

Flower Boquets

Bloomin' Buckets

We are thrilled to offer Bloomin' Buckets again this year! Our bucket of blooms includes approximately 70 to 90 stems, with some foliage/greenery, accent flowers and “principal” flowers, like dahlias or lisianthus, harvested from what is most beautiful and abundant in our flower field. Our Bloomin' Buckets are available as a pre- order for special occasions (or just everyday) but specific color pallets are not guaranteed (although we really TRY to include your requested colors)  Check out the Shopping page to pre-order.

How to Order Bloomin' Buckets: 

  • Pre-order online - All online purchases can be picked up at the farm, CSA pick-up locations or may be delivered for a small fee. 

  • Delivery is available. Leave a note for the farmer at checkout and I'll get back to you!

Scroll through our bloom gallery to see the goodies.

Bloomin' Buckets
Yellow Flowers

Once you start growing flowers, something happens to you....and there’s no going back. 

 -Erin Benzakein

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