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Happy (Almost) Spring!

The last few weeks here on the farm have been slow as we patiently wait for the ice and snow to melt. But before beginning the massive seed starting adventure, I need to clean up and get organized. The first task is to clean out the grow room in our basement that I often refer to as our “basement garden”. Everything needs a good scrub from the wire shelving units to the trays and flats and all the supply bits in between. It feels so exciting to be starting the growing season again! I just can’t wait to dig into the warm soil and see the abundance of colorful flower heads nodding in the mountain breezes.

I’ll be starting the first of many rounds of hardy annual seedlings including pansies, snapdragons, and a late planting of lisianthus this weekend. Then next weekend, I’ll start the big, wonderful job of dividing dahlia tubers! This will be a first for me because I try to save dahlia tubers from year to year but somehow something always happens to them in storage; they are too wet in storage and rot, too dry in storage and dehydrate, a mouse eats through the plastic bin and all her mouse babies and mouse cousins eat ALL the tubers (that was a tough year). But this year I think will be a winner! I’ve checked the tubers several times over the last couple of months and they look good! I can’t wait to share all the blooms with you this summer!

So even though it’s still winter and there’s snow on the ground and a bite to the wind, spring is just around the corner! It’s going to be amazing!


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