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Congratulations on Your New Amaryllis!

Here are just a few tips on how to keep your plants happy and healthy.

· Water once a week being careful not to over water.

· When the first blooms appear, move to a cooler location for a longer bloom time.

· Cut off all spent stalks, additional stems will appear as others fade. Do NOT cut off the foliage.

· All plants grow towards the light. Turning the pot regularly ensures straight stems.

· After all blooms are spent, keep the plant in a sunny location, watering infrequently. Then cut the leaves away in September and place the entire pot/ bulb and all/ in the dark for 6-8 weeks.

· Bring the pot out of the dark and place in a warm, sunny spot.

· Water once with lukewarm water then sparingly until you see the tip of the bud appear.

· The follow the instructions as above.

· Enjoy your amaryllis bulb for years to come!

Happy Gardening!


Mountain Prairie Flower Farm

Whitefish, MT


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