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Holiday Bulbs

Holiday Bulbs


We search the world over for the great big Amaryllis bulbs we offer you because SIZE MATTERS when it comes to bulbs. The BIGGER the bulb, the BIGGER the show!!

The bulbs we offer are 36-38+ cm in circumference~ only 2% of all the Amaryllis bulbs sold in the world are this size!  It takes growers several years to create bulbs this big, which is why they’re so hard to find, and of course, they’re a bit more expensive. These great big bulbs produce more flower stems and more flowers per stem. So we feel the incredible show is worth the extra money.


These bulbs are in the dormant stage but will begin growing when placed in soil and watered. (Container varieties are available if you'd like your bulb potted as a gift for an extra $10~ contact the farmer for details!) 

 Growing instructions and tips are included with every order.

(Please note: Amaryllis typically take 6-8+ weeks to bloom and our big bulbs will send up multiple stems, so each bulb can be in flower for a month — or more! — during the darkest days of winter!!)


Choose color, quantity, then Add to Cart. At checkout, you’ll be able to select a Pickup option. Please note: this pickup option will apply to your entire order. We can deliver your bulbs to your location for a small fee within a 5 mile radius of Kalispell, Whitefish or Columbia Falls.  



** Amaryllis will be available beginning in late-November — be sure to order your favorites now. **




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